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Why M-9 is the new future of Karachi-Hyderabad?

Have you been hearing more about the M-9 highway more lately? real estate company Do you know why this location is gaining more attention than ever and most importantly why realtors are speeding up the development phase of societies in this particular area? When there is more attention to any particular area it’s a safe bet to invest since big corporate giant knows new lucrative land and to yarn more benefit out of it is then utilized not just commercially but residentially to make sure this region develops its face as a wholesome community where residents have access to their workplaces, caregivers, and educationists. M9 is going to see massive community development in the coming years for many reasons. We have listed down a few most important ones for you, so you can make a secure future investment plan, which will give you the best returns and a secure future for your family. With the ever-growing population in Karachi and Hyderabad, it’s high time to look into a direction where we can accommodate future generations to come.

Real estate plots in Karachi

China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) is said to be a game-changer for Pakistan’s economy hence the major shift in real estate business. It is gaining the attention of foreign investors favour, buying property have seen a remarkable uptick due to recent international attention. Hence real estate business has become one of the most lucrative businesses in Pakistan with maximum returns and other benefits.
If you have some extra cash and want to secure your family’s future then this is the right time to plan ahead of time, with the ever-extending highway projects this land’s value will be skyrocketing in the coming years. The speedy project development and availability of all necessities of life in the vicinity will make this land ideal for residential and commercial purposes. For now, this area is under the development phase which makes it the right time to seal the deal.

The big question is when and where to invest.
M9 is linked with the CPEC corridor which makes it ideal for investment and residential purposes, as this particular area will be developed with better residential amenities. More businesses will try to secure their presence in this particular area. It is going to be a rewarding investment for personal, commercial, or investment purposes. This area is going to be a major hub for business activities, most importantly this area is closer to the Nooriabad industrial area which is another significant reason to invest in this particular location which is on exponential growth. The government is paying special attention to the development plans of this particular area to make sure it facilitated with hospitals, schools, colleges, and shopping centres and most importantly accessible roads that connects this region to other areas and the major development of “Bholari airbase” have made it even more important geographically. In short, this area is going to give you remarkable returns in the future and an ideal deal for investment purposes.

Alpen city
Alpen city is one of the most important projects for smart investment both for residential and investment purposes. This gated society offers all luxuries of life within an economical instalment plan. While the most important thing to look up before investing in any project is legal approval, this project is SBCA approved. With the speedy development of roads, horticulture, Main Boulevard this project will be an ideal residential society. The good thing is this society has already acquired water, electricity, and gas NOC which is why this is a legit secure deal for your future investment. One of the best things about Alpen city is the sense of community building which makes it different from the other societies in the vicinity.

Affordable luxury
Builders and developers in karachi are paying special attention to make it an affordable luxury with a sense of community. It is hard to put luxury and affordability in one sentence however Zaamin group is making sure to change the shape of real estate development in Pakistan which makes this project a more secure and investment-worthy deal. Property buying in the centre of the city has become an unreachable target for a middle-class family, in fact securing your piece of land in the city seems to be an unreachable target for an average middle-class family which is why Zaamin builders have made sure to come up with an easy instalment plan which is not heavy on pocket. You can have your piece of land with limited financial resources. You can secure your family’s future without having to break your bank account. It’s high time to invest and secure at an affordable price for a limited period as this property is at a constant spurt and there is no doubt this bottom-line price will soar up and there is no stopping to it because of the high demand for this project.

Value-added perks
Zaamin group is offering free membership of Nooriabad Gymkhana with Alpen city which is a limited-time offer. This offer is not to be missed since this recreational club will be one of its kind in Pakistan that specializes in the concept of complete family entrainment and recreational spot. The best thing about this project is it especially focuses on outdoor activities to make it one of a kind learning experience for kids while having fun.

M9 is the new future

M9 is the new future for real estate, be it residential or commercial. There are many good projects already lined up to keep eye on. Zaamin group is launching few more projects which we are excited to learn about, we are sure upcoming projects will add more value to the real estate business in Pakistan. In a nutshell, this is just the beginning and it is going to reshape the future of the Karachi-Hyderabad expansion plan. An ideal time to invest before it goes sky-high in coming years which is very much predictable with the given development plans of this area.

Invest right, invest at the right time!


Investing in Pakistan Real Estate amplifies your odds of secure and multifold profits. It is a Billion Dollar Industry! Pakistan’s Real Estate sector is full of investment opportunities. Whether you buy a residential plot, a house or apartment, invest in a shop or commercial project, it will payoff with  appreciation and income and secure your future financially as well as provide peace of mind! Under the strategic value of the CPEC, investing in commercial and residential Real Estate along this route will bring true perks for high ROIs and long-term profits to those who take action by investing.


90% of millionaires of the world made fortunes by investing in real estate. Real estate is one of the most safe and reliable options for investment.

Real Estate not only offers best Return on Investment (ROI) via appreciation and income but also helps cover inflation and helps accumulate Generational Wealth for the family to enjoy. 


With increasing population, the city of lights is also growing on a rapid scale. From hundreds of housing societies to thousands of economic opportunities, Karachi city mesmerizes everyone with its vastness and diversity.

With an ever increasing population of 30 million + the demand and value of properties in almost every popular area is perpetually on a rising trend.

Migration and urbanization have pushed the city to expand through the suburbs, causing its realty sector to expand at an unbelievable scale. The rapid and modern property developments are offering many residential and commercial opportunities for those who understand the real value of timely investments.


Habilitation is attracted in areas that have economic activity, job opportunities and lifestyle facilities, and this area is set to become a major hub for business activities due to its proximity to the Nooriabad Industrial Area, home to more than 400 industrial units. which signals towards exponential and continued growth. It is  bound to be a rewarding investment. 

The government is paying special attention to the development of amenities and infrastructure. Laying of K4 Water Project, Jumpir Wind Energy Park, DHA Link Road, development of Bholari Airbase and introduction of large scale housing schemes uplift this location geographically and economically turning it into a lucrative option for investment.

Being an important link in CPEC, it is believed that the M9 will become a centre point

Keeping this in mind, over the last two decades, the private housing sector has diverted its attention to M9 for planning housing schemes with gated societies and modern amenties for communitity living.