Glad to introduce NISA Rozgar as a wonderful community development initiative to provide opprtunities for less skilled women to earn a respectable income by subscribing to NISA Rozgar Bags filled with household and handmade items to sell and take orders. It is a beautiful idea to take the skill development to next level and make it into a sustainable and profitable business with help of an ecosystem of women supporting each other at all levels. Women Crafters @NISA will promote learning to make unique handmad products and sellable skills Women Rozgar @NISA will create a market by reviving an old tradition Women Entreprenureship Training @NISA will scale small ventures Women Bike Riders @NISA will support commute issues Women Mental Health @NISA will ensure grit and perseverance in chasing their dreamsĀ 
Way to go Naghma & Lubna!
All the best!